C1070 error when assigning a value to a variable


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Have this code

      Component.status.strtext="Reading Sonde Probes"
      WaterToRead=0     //WaterToRead =0 for Inflow
      SDIPollData()              //go read the sonde

I have set up "WaterToRead" as a global variable (checked that in the Watch window) which I want to change as the system operates from 0 to 1 each time the script runs but I continually get this error

C1070 Not enough parameters for the given operator: SDIContinuousPoll Line 33 - Uncaught error in sequence SDIContinuousPoll       ---- this is the line 33   "WaterToRead=0     //WaterToRead =0 for Inflow"

I cannot see what is wrong with these statements. DaqFactory is running on a Windows 10 box.

Thanks for any help




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There is nothing wrong with that line.  It'd probably be best if you emailed us the .ctl doc.  My guess is you are looking in the wrong place. 

Or you have some weird invisible character in the line, in which case, delete the line and retype it.  I get this sort of thing in other development environments but have actually never seen it happen in DAQFactory.


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Hate when that happens.  That is why I always tell people to put a 0 in front of decimals that are < 1.  So:




It is too easy to lose the ., especially when handwritten.  Curiously over the years I have found that engineers tend to use .1, while scientists use 0.1.  

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