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I have a bunch of customers in the field running DF applications I've done for them, and when they make changes or upgrades, I do the programming and create a new CTL for them.    If I upgrade versions (and only maintain the latest version), then my editing the CTL forces them to update their DF runtime install version for compatibility.

I guess I could maintain a copy of all older versions (presumably one per in virtual machines), and just do edits for customer X natively in the version that he has.

Seems like it would be helpful if in the latest version I could do a Save As, say to v16 or whatever.


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Oh OK, thanks!   Didn't realize the EXEs could share all the same support files.   Well, to some degree, but didn't realize it would span across all releases.   Cool.

So I'd need to maintain a log of what customer was at what release, and I can see that getting out of date.   Is there a way to tell directly from the CTL file what version it is so I don't inadvertently update it to a newer release?


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Well almost.  You should install 5.87 first if you are going back that far, then install in order after that.  Newer releases will overwrite ancillary files, which is no problem, and add their own, but they might not include required files from previous versions.  By installing them in order from oldest to newest you are sure to have everything.  Just rename DAQFactory.exe between installing and you should be set.

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No, there is not.  I typically just try opening it in the oldest version I have and work my way forward, though typically I force people to be either on 5.87 or on 18.1.  5.87 is the last build under the old compiler.  Upgrading from 5.87 to newer versions should be done with a fair bit of testing and I don't recommend it unless new features are needed.  It is an "if it ain't broke..." sort of thing.  Once you upgrade to 5.9 that changes and really one running 5.9 should be upgrading to the latest, and should be able to do so with much less testing.  I will sometimes let people linger in the 5.9's as there is a graphical ordering change in subsequent releases that can mess up some pages, but in general, once you get to 5.9 there is not much of a reason not to upgrade to the latest.

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