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I have a few instances where a user clicks on something in a pop-up and the popup closes but the click is registered on the item beneath the pop-up.

A common one is a user entry for loading a file with system. if the user selects a file and clicks 'open' it's fine. But the tendency is to double click an item in the explorer window, which opens it, closes the system.entrydialog box but then registers a click on an item on the daqfactory screen underneath.

I'm sure ive seen some kind of disable click function, but cant find it. Can you suggest a way to 'protect' items from being accidently clicked on? i dont want to disable individual components as thats too much work, rather suppress a mouse click   




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You can just specify the location of the popup on the screen so that its close buttons doesn't overlap with any buttons underneath.  This is a common issue on many programs, especially with touch screens and why I stagger buttons when switching between main pages.


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Not directly.  Really you'd just have to switch the main screen to a blank page and then switch back.  You could also switch to a copy of the current page that has the actions removed, then switch back.

The only other alternative I can think of would be to modify all your actions to check a flag that you set when the popup is displayed.  But that would be cumbersome if you had a lot of actions.

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thanks, I could implement the last suggestion, as a lot of the actions are locked out by default already and i always use quick sequences for actions so wouldn't take much to add a few lines to them, although not sure how i would add a flag to a system dialog box such as load file? The others i could use the: page.pagename.ispoppedup 

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