Change channel timing in a sequence


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Sure, it is just:

channel.myChannel.timing = 5

(for example, to set myChannel's timing to 5)

You can use channel.listAll() to get a list of channels (optionally for just one group) and then use the above with execute() to do a group of channels:

private string clist = channel.listAll("myGroup")
for (private i = 0, i < numrows(clist), i++)
   execute("channel." + clist + ".timing = 5")


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A few things: 

1) I forgot to mention that you have to do:


after changing the timings to get DAQFactory to apply them.  This is for efficiency and to tell DAQFactory you are done tweaking the timing.  The timing will appear updated in the channel, but until you do restart() it won't actually apply those changes.

2) note that changing the timing in script won't update the channel table or channel views if they are visible at the time you run the sequence.

3) it looks like in my haste, I forgot to put after clist in my sample script.  I've updated that.

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