local connection with second DF instance

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I have two instances of DF running on one computer (probably not reccomended) that i want to share channels.

I just made a new connection in both instances with the same name and set brd on one of the channels. It seems like one instance is talking to the other. I don't know how this is decided upon- maybe whichever was loaded first?

I'd like 2-way channel sharing. Is this possible and could you shed a litttle light on the 'proper' way to do this?  I don't want to combine both programs really as version history becomes awkward



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What you are seeing is actually a limitation of your device, not DAQFactory.  It apparently only likes one connection at a time.  So, the only way to share that data between two DAQFactory instances is to have one instance retrieve the data from the device and have the other instance retrieve the data from the first instance.  You can do that with DAQFactory networking if you are using Pro.  Alternatively, on the same machine, you could rig something up where that first instance writes the data to a file and the other instance reads it.

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Hi, so firstly I'm using a developer licence.

The channel I'm trying to share isn't from a device. It's just an integer that is calculated during a sequence

Currently I just have a connection name. Is there a way to specify (with daqfactory networking) a local address or something for a particular instance? The help mentions connection to another instance in acquire mode. But I need user interaction in both instances.

Otherwise, yes, writing and reading to a temporary file would work but a little more effort keeping things tidy etc. 


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If you are going to use DAQFactory networking (meaning creating a "Connection") then you'll have to put the data in a channel.  Just use a test D/A channel on the main system and set it to the desired value like you would a variable.

Now as to addressing, you can always use, which is defined (universally, even in other programs) as the current system.  Just remember that you need to enable broadcasting.  It is disabled by default for security reasons.  Go to File - Document Settings to enable.  It should only be enabled on the server application, not the client. 

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