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I am using DaqFactory version 19.1.

I saw that there was a function InterpolatePoly(X Array, Y Array, Interpolate To Array X)

I don't understand how to use the function, the input parameters and the output of the function. 

Can you help me with more precision or an example please?
Thanks in advance, 


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First, this function is largely deprecated and may not be available in 20.1.  If you are just trying to smooth a graph, either use the spline line type for the graph, or use smooth() or other averaging. 

But, that said, this function takes an X / Y trace defined by arrays of X and Y points (X array and Y Array) and then does an interpolation to give you new Y values for the array of values in Interpolate to Array X.  I've provided a simple example.  Note that the function does not work particularly well at the ends.  In fact, I find the function to not work particular well in general, which is why I recommend using other methods for data smoothing.  If you'd like to give me your use case, I can better identify what you should use instead.


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