Multiple DAQFactory communicating with each other


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I am wondering if there is a possibility of creating 2 DAQfactory programs that can communicate with each other.

Break down:

I have one software which controls a hydraulic pump and recording Displacement and pressure, and another software which is recording various other sensors and is a separate unit. I would like the pump software and the daq to know that both are running and which allows the displacement and the pressure to be recorded also in the daq software so that it recorded roughly the same time. Also the pump may not be connected every time. 

Is there a flag or something I can set?

Thanks Cameron

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They are on the same computer. The pump program will only be ran on one computer but the daq software could be running on 4 computers, and the pump could be connected to any of the 4. Just to simplify the user side of it all really, using the pump run the pump software and if extra inputs are needed use the daq software, if not just the daq software. 

Thanks Cameron

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You'd have to enable broadcasting on one, and then create a Connection on the other using  Alternatively, you could create a Modbus Slave on one with an Ethernet Server and then use the modbus master on the other.  If you don't have a lot of channels, I'd considered that.

Note that you'd have to have Pro or Developer in either case as the lower versions do not support network connectivity, and as far as DAQFactory is concerned, localhost is still using the network.

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