FormatDateTime ignores locale settings


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`FormatDateTime("%c", ...)` should produce a date and time represented using Window's locale settings, but version 19.1 (b2366) on Windows 10 seems to ignore Windows settings and produce dates using MM/DD/YY regardless. I first noticed the discrepancy in my logging set file time column. Note the difference in configured date/time format versus function result: 


The old Windows 7-style regional settings are still available and confirm the settings shown in the new dialog. 


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We literally call a Windows API function for this, so any issues with it not working are related to issues with Windows.  We use this function essentially:

Newer releases of Windows do a lot of weird double layer stuff. They even have two control panels!  So it may be related to that, that the function is using a different setting than what we would think to determine the locale.  Actually looking through it I believe that it may be the setting for Locale for non-Unicode apps.  DAQFactory is not unicode (at present). 

In the end of course, you can use the other specifiers to format the date however you want.

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