Tree list properties


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what is the usage of tree list?.

Is there an example of the trees list properties usage?

Can i rename the tree names of parent and child.

Please do share if there is any sample program.


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  • Zeal changed the title to Tree list properties

A tree list would be used to allow the selection of any sort of organized data.  For example if you had a bunch of parts, some are nuts, some are screws, some are bolts.  Those 3 would be the top level of the tree, then under each you might have the various types of nuts, or bolts, etc.  The DAQFactory workspace is a perfect example of a Tree List.

Every time you add an item to the tree list you get a handle.  You can then use that handle to change the name as it appears on the tree without recreating the entire tree.

Tree lists are typically used with nested objects (classes) which is why you really can only work with it through script.    

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