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I wish to transfer a license from my 6 year computer to my newly purchased computer

reading section 1.6 and 1.7 this should be fairly simple

my problem is section 1.7 item 2

"On the new computer, use the unlock key provided to you to license the computer as described in the last
section. " 

where do I find the 15 -16 letter key in DAQFactory on my old Computer?

Does it appear when I remove the development License?

I don't want to remove it if I cannot re-install on my new computer

I'm sorry to waste your time with such a simple task but it's just not clear to me

what have I missed?




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The 15-16 letter key was emailed to you when you purchased.  You need to use that key.  It is not stored with the installation (otherwise someone could easily steal your license!).  

You can get the new computer working first if you like, then remove the development license off the old computer.

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I found the email from 6 years ago with the upgrade key

I am currently running release 19.1 build 2366 on both PC's

I tried to remove the license from the old Computer - not sure if it worked though - no notification that it had (even after reboot)

I then tried to install on my new computer but received the error message  "you cannot upgrade a trial version of DAQFactory!"

How do I confirm if the license has been removed and what do I need to do to install the license on the trial version that's currently installed



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To confirm that it was removed, just run DAQFactory and see if a trial dialog appears.  If it does, then there is no license.

It is giving you the other message because the upgrade key only works if you have the appropriate license already installed.  For example, if you are upgrading from Lite to Base, the key only works if you have Lite installed and licensed.  Otherwise folks would just buy the upgrade key and get Base for half price.  If you have troubles with your keys, contact us directly.

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