Channel Conversion Calibration Expression

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Does anyone have a working Channel Conversion expression using a 5-point array that they can share?

I've read that the Interpolate function has been or will be deprecated, so the obvious technique would seem to be inadvisable.

If no extant expression is available, can anyone offer advice on a workable approach?

We'd be willing to consider buying such a resource for a reasonable fee.

Thanks for your consideration!


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The interpolate function is not deprecated, just the menu items that do interpolation.  You can still use interpolate from script / expressions. Can you tell me where you read this so we can adjust the verbage to be clearer?

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I found it yesterday while searching my long-standing topic of calibration tables, but it does not show up now using "interpolation", "calibration", "interpolate" or "calibrate" as keywords".

Sigh ...  I apologize that I cannot be of greater assistance.

If I stumble on it again I'll be sure to revisit this message and report my findings.

Thanks for your consideration,


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Here is an explanation of doing an interpolation with 5 points.  First you need to create two global variables, call them say, "calPerc", "calVoltage".  CalPerc you can set to your steps:

global calPerc = {0,25,50,75,100}
CalVoltage you can initialize to some defaults:
global calVoltage = {0,1,2,3,4}
Then if you want, you can pull actual values from a file or the registry.
To then calculate a percentage based on a voltage reading ("Value" below) you just do:
interpolatePoly(calVoltage, calPerc, Value)
You can then change calVoltage all you want for new calibration values.  Just use array notation, so calVoltage[0] is the calibration reading at 0%, calVoltage[1] is the reading at 25%, etc.
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