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Hello there I would like to change the font type of various text on my DAQ. The command written in the sequence is a below.

Component.MultiLan.strFontName = Corbel

where Corbel is the font type I have such various font. The command mention below to change fore color and text mentioned below are working. So, what actually needs to be done to change the font of the text.

Component.MultiLan.forecolor = rgb(255,0,0)
Component.MultiLan.strText = 'Devanagari New'

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First, I am assuming you are using DAQFactory 19 and not 20. The font name property is going to be a string, so unless Corbel is a string variable you have created, you need to put it in quotes like you did with strText.

Component.MultiLan.strFontName = "Corbel"


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