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Hello hello!

Been a long time, but you seem to always find a way back to your roots.

Have a quick question about licensing, which I am sure is covered in a few other topics, but I thought I would make a new post since it has been a while. 

I have a small application, created with a dev key/license (pro/dev?) and a user wants to run the .ctl file on their end.

I have things like check boxes and "leds" that appear not to function in the "trial mode/express" unless I have my key in.

All I am curious about is, if a user purchases a runtime ($160), will those objects still function?

They have some scripting behind them and the app wont work unless the objects do!

Also, I noticed you have a "key" option for $80, what is this?

Can the $80 key hold a runtime license and that key can be moved around to different PCs at different times?

Lastly, how can the user "try out" my .ctl before purchasing a license if the express version doesn't work with my .ctl?

Any info helps and glad to see DF still humming along,


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Express only supports like 10 screen controls, thus the reason you don't see them in Express.  However, if you are actually in the 25 day trial it will work, and this would be how a customer could try out your ctl.  They just are limited to 25 days from initial DAQFactory install.

Yes, if they purchase the $164 runtime, those objects will function.

The $80 key allows you to move the license around easily.  The license is on the key instead of the computer and plugs into any USB port.  You can put a Runtime license on it, but be careful you don't use your development machine to do this.  Use a fresh machine, license it with Runtime, then transfer to the hardware key.

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