Channel Error Timeout and port locked


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Hi Guru,


I am currently working on the Murphy 467 Controller to achieve multiple scheduling for my pumps.



I am getting the following error when I try to run the scheduling part.

Timeout and Port locked error are throwing up in my log.

I am currently a new DaqFactory user.

Let me know if I can assist you with any other information.



Cranberry SCADA Error 2.jpg

Cranberry SCADA Error 1.jpg

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Timeout means your device isn't responding to DAQFactory queries.  The port locked is just a side effect of that error.  You need to be plugged into either Port 1 or Port 2 of the device.  Modbus ID (D# in DAQFactory) is most likely 1 unless you changed from the factory setting.  I did not see any other information in the manual attached.  You'll need to figure out the comm port settings.  9600, 8, e, 1 is the default for Modbus, but your device could be anything.  You'll also need a register map, otherwise you are shooting in the dark, and given the Timeout errors, you are missing every shot.

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