C1038 Timing lag error on LabJack channel


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I'm getting a "C1038 Timing lag, data acquisition stalled." error on my LabJack channels. I have 4 LabJack channels configured as A to D and every few minutes, the C1038 error occurs. The DAQFactory project hangs (the cursor turns into the blue circle and then the project screen goes blank). I tried increasing my sampling time from 1 to 10 seconds and I am still seeing the same problem. I see the timing error on all four of my LabJack channels. The other channels in my project are the result of parsing a string read over UART that is received every 1 second.

I've attached a screenshot of the Command/Alert console and my channel configuration.



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That is a bit odd. You aren't polling very fast at all.  I would start by double checking that you are running the latest LabJack UD drivers and firmware.  I'd also set the Timing of all 4 of my channels to the same.  There is no advantage of reading them at different timings unless you really need that, in which case I would consider setting the Avg? column and average 1 second reads down to whatever rate you want.

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