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I have a document which says the document license is expired.

I want to remove that document licensing, but I don't remember the password for it

Is there any way to remove the licensing from the file? As I am not able to edit the file on another PC even after having a developer USB key inserted into the system.

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Nope.  That would defeat the purpose of the licensing mechanism.  As the docs say:

"Do not lose your password!  We cannot recover it for you!  If you lose the password you will not be able to use your application on systems that aren't otherwise licensed and you won't be able to install your application on any new computers.  Once again, while we can recover document editing passwords for a fee and subject to proof that you created the document, we CANNOT recover the licensing password for you as there is no way for you to prove to us that you are the owner of the document other than knowing this password.  That all said, we do offer a document registration service.  You provide us with your document before you enable the license feature, or at least before you have forgotten the licensing password, along with the emails of people authorized to retrieve the password, and in the case of a lost password, we can retrieve it for these individuals or the president / owner of the company it is registered to.  There is a fee for this service and for any password recovery.  We have to have your document ahead of time to retrieve an internal unique identifier.  This identifier stays with your document even after you edit it and is what gets registered with the recovery email addresses.  Please contact us to set this up."

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I am trying test Document Licensing. but I have some problems;

I make a test.ctl file for testing. I put some buttons, texts etc. and I install daqfactory 18.1 to remote pc, copy to desktop for testing. when I double click on test.ctl file it looks trying open on edit mode. But I put password for editing also for licensing.


Also file name is showing *

Then I generate licence for 15 days. and enter the remote computer. and it said licenced for 15 days.


when I click OK then it is showing me save ctl file popup.




I attached also test.ctl file. passwords are 123456




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That is because you don't have the proper DAQFactory license installed on the computer.  And the doc wasn't created with Developer so there is no license in the document.  So, the trial dialog appears.  If you didn't have user licensing enabled, once you hit Continue, it would go into Runtime mode.  But since you have user licensing enabled, it goes to that.  When you enter an invalid code, it tries to quit, but has issues thinking the doc has changed.   If you enter the correct code, it should go into runtime mode on restart.  It won't go into dev mode because you have an editing password. 

Bottom line is that you need a DAQFactory license on this computer before trying to use a user licensed document.  

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