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    Graph Trace Disk Space

    How much disk space is required to store data from 20 traces for 13 months and will that data bog down DAQFactory? Thanks, Win B.
  2. Is there a quick way to purge unused or orphaned channels that are not referenced in a DAQFactory application? Thanks, Win B.
  3. Good morning.  Why am I a loosing trend line data (Modbus 40013) after restarting DAQFactory?  History is set to 3,600 and Persist to 35,000,000.  Had one day of data showing, restarted DAQF and it  only graphed data from the startup time.

    Thanks, Win B.

    DAQF 1.png

  4. With between 700 and 1,100 channels in a single DAQFactory application, we really need the ability to have channel names and associated data update globally when saved so that we can keep our naming conventions consistent with the clients automation equipment and physical plant. Thanks, Win B. BWC Systems